Shot Bowl

A fantastic measuring tool for Lawn Bowlers to accurately find the Shot Bowl.

Available on iOS and Android devices.

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Shot Bowl is a fantastic measuring tool for Lawn Bowlers of every skill level. It helps you accurately find the closest bowl to the Jack.

It’s incredibly easy.

1. When you’re level with the green, take a photo

2. Find the centre of the Jack with the magnifying glass

3. Expand the circle until it makes contact with a bowl - This is your shot bowl. If needed, you now can extend the circle to see if there are any more bowls in the count.

It’s ideal for those ends when two or more bowls are in close contention.

Shot Bowl features:

- Quick load times so you can measure and get straight back to the action;

- No obtrusive sound effects so you don’t bother other players on the green;

- An intuitive user interface for easy measuring;

- Spirit levels to ensure you’re level with the green (keeping your measurements accurate);

- A reverse camera, for those times when you need more height (especially useful for players in wheelchairs);

- Ability to submit feedback and rate the app; and

- Helpful tips in a practical tutorial

Shot Bowl is arguably the most affordable and accurate measuring device that’s always with you (whenever you have your phone of course).

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