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Australians spend an average of 88 minutes a day playing video games. If games are so engaging, can we use game-design thinking to make other non-game activities just as engaging? This is the thinking behind the area of gamification - using game elements in non-game contexts.

We're established gamification consultants (one of our team even has a Phd in gamification design!). Talk to us about how you can use gamification in your organisation or products, or visit our online gamification educational website - Gamification Geek


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Here's what we provide in terms of gamification services.


Gamification keynote

If you’re looking for an engaging, playful and thought-provoking keynote on gamification and motivation design then get in touch with us. 

We present on a range of different topics including gamification, user experience, engagement design, app development, games design, and motivation design. If you have another topic in mind then don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss it further.


Gamification workshop

Workshops are a great way to deep-dive into the topic of gamification and motivational design. Workshop attendees will come away with a greater understanding of what exactly gamification is and a customised plan for applying it to their workplace or everyday life. Organise 

Both half-day and full-day workshops are available and are best suited to groups no larger than 25 people. An introductory keynote can be included and can be attended by additional people.


Gamification consulting

We offer gamification design and review services to help take your gamification design to the next level. Use gamification design techniques and principles to help make tasks more engaging and motivating. Gamification has been successfully applied in many different areas including training, education, health, wellbeing and finance.


Games don't belong at work! Right?

Actually, there has been a long history of using fun and play to motivate people and make work seem more enjoyable. We've seen games and simulations used for training employees and game-like rewards and leaderboards for sales. And it's not just a new idea either - scouts could obtain the Eagle rank back in 1912, and even Mary Poppins had cottoned on to this, as evident from the lyrics in the famous song "A Spoonful of Sugar". 

“In ev’ry job that must be done there is an element of fun.
You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game”
— Mary Poppins, 1964

But gamification is more than just playing games at work. Gamification design attempts to deconstruct engaging games using theories of motivational psychology and then apply this thinking to serious processes to achieve serious goals. Learn more about gamification at our online educational resource Gamification Geek.


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