Harness the power of games

Australians spend an average of 88 minutes a day playing video games. If games are so engaging then can we use game-design thinking to make other non-game activities just as engaging? This is the thinking behind the area of gamification - using game elements in non-game contexts.

We're established gamification consultants (one of our team even has a Phd in gamification design!). Talk to us about how you can use gamification to increase customer or employee engagement.

Here’s how we can help



We can provide a lunchbox talk, keynote presentation, or workshop on gamification for your team or clients to introduce them to gamification.

Gamification Review

We can review your product and provide recommendations for gamification that you can implement straightaway.

Gamification Solution

Looking for an out of the box gamification solution? We can set you up with one of our partner gamification platforms quickly without having to spend money on development.