Eat More Pixels

We're not your everyday app development company.

We're a team of experts in all things app development, design and gamification.

We've taught app development nationwide in Australia, have studied app design and gamification at a Phd level and have made over 25 smartphone apps.

We're ready to help you with your latest challenge, so get in touch.


Meet the Co-Founders


Dr Jimmy Ti

Dr. Jimmy Ti is a technical wizard and experienced developer. He has completed a phd that focused on designing mobile social services for public transport and he has a love for games and good user experience. He’s previously worked for Creative Commons and has been developing iOS apps since 2010.


Dr Zac Fitz-Walter

Dr Zac Fitz-Walter has a phd in gamification and user experience design. He focuses primarily on reducing friction through good usability and motivating users with playful and engaging experiences. He has designed and developed apps for government, research and private industry and is an international speaker on gamification.


Why choose Eat More Pixels?

  • We’ve been developing apps since 2009

  • We’ve developed 25+ apps

  • We’re leading industry experts in app design and development

  • We’ve built apps for both research and industry

  • We’re Australian based

  • We've taught app development at university and nationwide


Previous Clients

We've worked with a range of game changers, from startups to large companies, governments to universities.

We've helped design more engaging apps, provided educational workshops and keynotes, and helped create bespoke gamification design for customers and employees.

Here's a few companies we’ve worked with.