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Good usability and engagement are necessary for survival. If your app or website is difficult to use then people will stop using it and if it isn’t engaging then people will forget to use it.

We’ve been designing and developing software for over 7 years, have taught app and web design and development at a university level and nationwide around Australia to industry professionals, and we have PhDs in app design and user experience. So you're in good hands.

We offer checkups as a way to get expert feedback on your app or website's usability and engagement (including gamification). A review can be done at any stage of development, from prototypes to published websites or apps.


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Good Usability is a requirement

If your app doesn’t have good usability then its incredibly easy for most people to just give up on it and move to one of the many other alternatives available. Undertaking a usability checkup will make sure that your app hits key usability goals.

We’re interested in particular whether your app is easy to learn how to use, easy to remember how to use, efficient to use, effective to use, safe to use, and provides good utility. We’ll review your app as a whole (e.g., the onboarding experience) as well as very specific elements (e.g., buttons not being large enough for a finger to tap) to make sure that your app is usable.


Engagement is key to retaining users

It’s important to consider engagement when it comes to making a truly memorable app that people return to again and again. Undertaking an engagement review can help highlight your app’s engagement goals and then analyse how well your design is actually supporting these goals.

We’ll work with you to create a set of engagement goals (e.g., sign up for an account, form a community, return to the app) and then provide you with suggestions on how to support these goals in your app’s design (including looking at gamification as an option). 


What's included in a checkup?

  • Detailed report outlining the review and recommendations
  • A one-on-one report discussion and priority determining exercise
  • Maximum of 30 screens, otherwise an extra long appointment is needed for more
  • A one-on-one kick off meeting where we establish your engagement goals and talk through your app or website
  • An expert analysis of the app's usability and engagement
  • Actionable list of recommendations

How much does a checkup cost?

Get a usability and engagement checkup for $5,000 (excl. GST).



Before kicking off the development of one of our biggest projects to date, we had Eat More Pixels review the project and boy was it worth it! The user engagement strategy is now a cohesive wonder and our client is ecstatic.
— Sasha Reid, CTO, Hyper Apps
The design review that Eat More Pixels provided was incredible. It helped take our app design to the next level. Not only that I felt that Zac really took a personal interest in making my app special. I plan to work with Zac whenever I can. A real pro, and a great guy as well.
— Michael Bunting, #1 Bestselling Author, Awakened Mind App

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Appointments are perfect for those who have a pre-development prototype or an existing app they want to improve but can be booked at any time.