We love building great apps.

We have a very particular set of skills. Skills we have acquired over a very long career making apps. Skills that make us a dream for those looking for a great app. So get in touch with us if you have any questions about app design or development. 


We've built over 25 apps.

Here are a few of our favourites.

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Roundtrip Learner Logbook

Learning to drive takes time, but recording your practice shouldn't. Roundtrip makes it really easy to record and track your NSW driving practice and learning goals. Simply tap the record button, enter your current odometer and then you're off! Roundtrip automatically records your practice time, location, weather and more. You can also save your supervisor and car details for quick entry each time.


Animal Peekaboo!

A playful, physical & educational app for young children, that celebrates the diversity of cats and dogs.

Simply turn the phone facedown on a flat surface and then tilt it up a little. You'll hear an animal noise... Can you guess if it's a cat or dog? Is it a small or big dog? Can you guess what it's doing?  Flip the phone up to find out!


Once upon a wartime

An interactive storytelling app to commemorate the region’s participation in World War I. Within the app, you’re able to hear from Will Short as he narrates you through three fictional stories, representational of life during the war. You’ll also find relevant early memorials within the region (those erected in or prior to 1930) as well as discover more about the clothing and equipment of a typical soldier. You can also find the region’s soldiers linked directly to the library database. 


Long Time, No See?

Long Time No See (LT,NS?) is an innovative new art project that asks you to think how your personal actions, gathered during a reflective walk, might help us all imagine pathways towards more sustainable futures. You will be guided through nine stages by texts in the app. Along the way you will be asked to contribute images, text, sound and tags. Your responses will then uploaded to the artwork’s website, allowing you to explore your ideas in relation to others who have walked elsewhere in the world. 


Margaret Olley Art Centre

The Margaret Olley Art Centre (MOAC) celebrates the career, life and legacy of its namesake, Margaret Olley – Australia’s most celebrated painter of still life and interiors.

The look, listen, draw, paint iPad app can be found at the centre. It allows visitors to paint like Margaret Olley while listening to music performed by the Australian Chamber Orchestra. 


How much does an app cost?

App development can get quite pricey. They often involve a team of multiple people (design, developer, product manager) and require careful planning before a single line of code is written. 

Our apps start at $20k (excl. GST).

For a good estimate of how much an app can cost (in US dollars), visit this website.


Want us to make you an app?

Have you got an idea for an app? We can help turn your idea into a reality by working with you closely to prototype, design, develop and deploy your app.